How to Choose a Coloring Page?

A few of our tips will help you with this.

First of all, focus on the age of your child.  Remember that small children (2 to 4 years old) should be offered simple coloring pages with large elements and clear outlines.  Older children (4-6 years old) will be interested in more complex and varied coloring pages, characterized by numerous small details.

Consider the gender of your little artist.  Children's coloring pages for girls and boys are different.  So, the former are illustrated with dolls, princesses and cartoon characters, while the latter are illustrated by various cars, airplanes, robots.  It may also happen that a child may like a coloring, conventionally related to the opposite sex.  There is nothing wrong with that.  Let him expand his horizons through those pictures that are interesting to him at the moment.

Determine for yourself - for what purpose you want to use the coloring.  It's one thing if you just want to keep your child busy for a while - then a simple coloring book will do.  Another thing is that you want him to develop in the process of coloring pictures, then it is better to stop your choice on developing and teaching coloring pages.

All coloring pages presented on the site are divided into different categories.  This will undoubtedly facilitate the process of finding the desired picture.

Having made your choice, you can download coloring pages from the site to your computer.  Then you just have to print the coloring on the printer.  And then - it's up to the child.

Coloring a picture with pencils or felt-tip pens can become truly useful for a child, as his imagination, attentiveness, fine motor skills, perseverance and accuracy will develop.  If suddenly it will not be possible to print your favorite coloring, you can color it online here on the site.  The colored picture can be downloaded to your computer, saved and printed.

And if you also praise your child for the diligently painted picture, the benefits of working on it will increase many times over, since this will stimulate the child to further development, and he will strive to continue to draw neatly, improving his skills.