Where can I buy cheap stock photos and vector illustrations in high resolution?

Are you looking for a better place to buy photos or illustrations? Especially for you, we have compared the largest photo banks (photostocks), where you can buy images profitably. Photostocks (microstocks, photobanks) have a huge database of high-quality vector illustrations and stock photos that are offered for free sale on various terms with different levels of royalties to authors. There is the rank of cheapest stock image sites from which everybody may buy quality images, photos, videos for low prices. The cost of selling (or a single download) is approximately $0.15.
But the site is quite zealous about the commercial use of its content. Even when purchasing images with extended license, be prepared to reduce the number of copies of a snapshot sold to 10,000 units. By the way, there are resources in the network that make it much easier to work with photo banks, for example, eliminating the need to register.
What is stock photography?
For those who are looking for photos on the Internet, you should pay attention to the following points:
Some of the photos on free stock photos may be copyrighted. Especially if they depict identifiable (recognizable) people.
Often-expensive subscriptions to the site to be able to upload photos.
This concept appeared in the pre-Internet era, in the middle of the XX century. Publishers and newspapers found it more profitable and easier to find ready-made photos from the collected database for illustrations of their texts than to call a photographer every time and pay for his services. Companies that mediated between photographers and buyers of their work became known as photo banks. With the beginning of the Internet era, photo banks have successfully moved to the world wide web.
If you are a photographer, then the photo bank with excellent photos for you is a great opportunity for earning and promotion. Let's look at the photo banks in the rank at https://photostockguide.com/ in more detail and know which stock photos site are the best for purchases..

We will consider them from two positions:
From the buyer's point of view-how to get high-quality content;
From the photographer's point of view – how to make money on photo banks.
Videos are not available by subscription, and clips can only be paid for with credits.
A photo, vector image, and video clip are provided for free download every week – different each week.
Search by keywords, too, and you can expand and Refine your search terms, down to the color scheme of the image and the number of people on it.
It is very convenient to search for photos, there are a lot of search tools implemented, here's a look:
Of course, as on previous sites, it is better to enter keywords in English – this way you will see more images.
Fotolia has a complex system of author ratings and payout percentages.
Rates are mainly designed for those who download a lot and often.
There were no individual downloads for points or credits. Well, everyone has different rules.
The cost of images does not depend on the size of the images.
Depositphotos. Relatively young, but actively developing microstock. It is one of the best options for beginners who want to gain experience before collaborating with larger photo stocks. A well-designed and user-friendly interface in English will allow you to quickly get used to the site.
There is a week of free download. To access it, you need to subscribe by entering your Bank card number and selecting a pricing plan. Don't worry, no money will be debited – but don't forget to cancel your subscription in seven days. During the week, you will be able to receive five images a day, and any resolution.
Nice interface, convenient search, various rates (from 14 rubles per image), there is a free download option – you should register here and periodically visit. Authors should also be quite comfortable on Deposiphotos.
Crestock offers three payment options content:
Pay for each file piece by piece, without even buying credits. Of course, the most expensive way, $1 costs an image size XS-less than 400×400 px. Larger sizes already cost from $4;
Package of credits. 1 credit — $1, large packages get a discount;
Subscriptions. Images will cost from $0.25 to $0.33.
Krestok positions itself as a stock with very high-quality content, but in general, the buyer does not see any differences in the images compared to other photo banks. The search is performed as standard, and there are not even enough tools for searching.
BigStockPhoto. Recently, it is considered a microstock that does not bring in enough money. However, with a decrease in the influx of new authors, active participants of the stock began to earn more, so we recommend it as a source of additional earnings for those who are used to working with many stocks at the same time.